Back on the Blog

So it’s been a while since I made a real attempt at keeping up with this blog. Life, work, kids; it all adds up to no real time to do anything, especially my art, which I have prioritized in the past few years. Art over blogging! I think it was a good choice!

However, we have entered the Time of the Covid, and time really has taken on a new meaning. It feels like some days are running really fast, and other times it’s so slow. In December, I decided to leave my cushy government job of 17 years and launch my art career! All or nothing, so to speak. The last thing I said to my boss was, “I’m so excited to not know what’s going to happen tomorrow!” Sheesh. I practically invoked the Covid myself.

Regardless, here I am, attempting to live my life as a full time artist in one of the worst possible times in recent memory. I mean, this is worse than the Great Recession of 2008 or even the Depression of the 1930’s people! Who’s buying art right now? What have I done? These questions enter my head at least once a day. But overall, I’m still grateful.

I’m lucky I left work when I did. Yes, I’m “homeschooling” the kids, and I use this term in the loosest sense. I prefer the term “unschooling”. Google it. We are mostly focusing on biology, as in let’s plant the garden and play with the dogs, as well as phys ed., as in let’s play outside on the trampoline or go for a bike ride! I could really care less at this point. It’s summer and we are doing the bare minimum and waiting for it to be over. We are not going to talk about what happens if there is no school in the fall. I can’t even think about that right now.

However, I am not trying to juggle my former finance job and the kids, for which I feel I did have the perfect timing for leaving government. I don’t know how other parents are doing it. It must be a nightmare, regardless of the ages of your children. To those parents, I can only say you are heroes. Just like the nurses, doctors, grocery workers and everyone else who is considered “essential”. My husband is one of those considered essential in the Yukon Government. Thankfully, he does not deal with the public on a regular basis, and we have been really lucky here in the Yukon to not have any new cases in over a month. Such a relief.

I do feel like things have suddenly time warped me back to the 1950’s, however. Since Eddy goes to work everyday, I feel like I’m in charge of the kids, the meals, how clean the house is and, of course, laundry. This is my own issue, as Eddy does not care if he comes home to a hot meal on the table. Obviously, it’s 2020, right? But because I’m home, I think, oh he’s been working all day, I should have this done. But I’m not a stay at home mom. I’m a full time, working artist. How do I separate those things right now? I hadn’t even gotten used to being home all the time anyway, before the Covid. Such a messed up situation. And even though it’s what I’m supposed to be doing all day, my art is still getting second place. Like it’s not a real job.

I think often of my grandmothers, especially my Nana, who had 13 kids. How did she do it? I know she didn’t have them all at once, so of course the older kids helped with the younger ones, but still. I know she wanted something out of her life besides having kids. But that was her accomplishment, too. She raised wonderful, if not completely scarless, contributing and quite successful human beings. And they all lived to adulthood. She had her issues, no doubt. And I know that emotionally and physically, the kids suffered. But they were fed and dressed and loved and all I can say is it must have been a hard row to hoe.

I’ve wanted to be an artist since I was a little kid. I grew up with the knowledge that I could never make a living as an artist. As the joke goes, what’s the difference between a large pepperoni pizza and an artist? The pizza can feed a family of four. Ha ha. But I got the opportunity! I cashed in my future pension for my artistic now! What a gamble, hey? And I thought, this will give me a leg up. How many people will ever get the opportunity to fully take a whole year or two to build up their inventory, to establish a name and make it work. Well, it turns out a lot of people may get that chance. If I was still at work at this point, that would have been my first move. People will leave cushy jobs to fulfill their dreams, while they still have a chance. What timing and what a crazy time we live in.

I’m not sure what the purpose of this post is. I guess it’s just to vent, talk, communicate with someone else besides my immediate family. When we first started down the Covid road, I made a bunch of random watercolour paintings, so I’ve included them here. They were just an experiment in colour combinations I’d like to try in acrylic and oil. But I like how they turned out as watercolour. I may have a show later, called “Communications from the Quarantine”, if we still have shows in the future. I guess we’ll see! Take care out there!