What did I ever do before knitting?

I think about that a lot. What did I ever do with my spare time? Then I think, I used to have spare time?? Ha, ha (to be read ironically). Anyway, knitting is the type of hobby that is both portable and interesting. I love making socks, which is of course both of these things, as well as a conversation starter.

My first socks.

My first socks.

When I first quit smoking, (five years ago!), I thought to myself, how do people meet anymore? I used to meet the coolest people smoking. It was a great way to make connections at work, even better if the boss smoked! So, I just resigned myself to the fact that the social aspect of smoking was now a write off. Little did I know how many people are interested in a person making socks.

The boy`s socks.

The boy`s socks.

I get so many questions and comments on the socks Iโ€™m making, itโ€™s ridiculous!ย  โ€œWhat are you making?โ€ โ€œThat looks complicated.โ€ โ€œI donโ€™t have the patience for that!โ€. It goes on and on. I donโ€™t mind. I feel like a pilgrim or a missionary bringing knitting back to the masses.ย  โ€œMy grandmother used to make socks,โ€ is a really common comment. Mine too! She taught me to knit when I was around ten years old and I loved it.

Size 13.  A labour of love.

Size 13. A labour of love.

Of course, there was a large period of time between when my Granny taught me and when I picked it up again. Iโ€™ve been knitting again for about a year and a half. I figured since I learned when I was younger, I would pick it up fine. So I started again by knitting socks. Most people work their way up to socks, but I figured, how many scarves does a person really need? Socks, on the other hand, are super functional, especially when you live in the Yukon. And I never knew there were so many kinds of sock yarn!!

I`ve done quite a few pairs now, and I`ve made a couple of baby blankets and hats. But I still love socks the most. I love how they keep your loved ones warm and I love having something constructive to do with my hands! So, if you ever see me knitting on the street, feel free to start up a conversation! I don`t mind at all.

Birthday socks!

Birthday socks for the girl!


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