Springtime in the Yukon

If you ask any longtime Yukoner, they will tell you there are really only two seasons in the Yukon; winter and road construction! Spring and fall are both fleeting here, and spring especially doesn’t really look like it’s southern counterpart. It is brown and there are no tulips and daffodils sprouting. Today is May 10th and there are still no leaves on the trees, but they are budding. I thought I would go around the yard today and snap some pictures of a real Yukon spring day for you!

You can tell it’s spring here in the Yukon firstly by the fact that the snow is gone, finally! But also by the fact that the birds are back! We have all kinds of birds in the yard this time of year. They use us mostly as a stopping point, I think, on their way to Alaska. We even have the Trumpeter Swans fly over our place, honking all the way! It’s a sure sign of spring!


I don’t know what the names of these birds are, but they come back every year, stay for a few days and move on. Beautiful colours!



Springtime in the Yukon is not especially pretty. It’s actually quite brown and gray. We are more known for our extreme summers, bright greens and the midnight sun, of course. Spring is a little more subdued.



Here’s a bird nest I found from last year. It may have been made by our Robin family that seem to come back every year.


Most Yukoners wait to plant their gardens until the long weekend in May. You can start potatoes, beets and carrots before that, but it is a good idea to wait to plant anything from the greenhouse. I usually wait until the first full moon in June. I’m told this is the best time to plant, and I need all the help I can get! I usually plant potatoes, lettuce, carrots, and peas, but this year we are hoping to move, so I’m just going to do some container stuff, flowers mostly.  My garden boxes look sad.


But to make up for that, I found something that all Yukoners know for sure means spring! Crocuses!




Spring is sprung in the Yukon! I hope it’s spring where you are too and have a happy Mother’s Day!


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