Moving out of the Bush

I find it crazy sometimes that my life changes so quickly. I was just talking about how it’s time to move into town, mostly for the kids, and here we are! House sold, new house bought and about a month until it all happens. I think that really I am still in shock!

Happy vendors!

Happy vendors!

After almost 15 years of living in the bush, I’m about to become a townie. I have to say it out loud every once in a while. I also keep looking at the sold sign at the top of my driveway, and blinking because it looks like a mirage or something.



My daughter and I were talking in the car this morning about what we would be called when we finally got into town. I told her that we’d be called “Porter Creekians”, after the subdivision we’re moving to, Porter Creek. She thought that didn’t sound quite right. I asked her what people who lived in Whitehorse were called, in general, and she didn’t know. And then I realized that I didn’t know either! “Whitehorsians”? That doesn’t sound right either. We know we’re Yukoners, we hear that one often enough, but what are people who live in Whitehorse called, really? I told her if we were moving to Riverdale, the subdivision over the Robert Campbell Bridge, we’d be called “Riverdalians” and she thought that was the best one, since it sounds like aliens. Oh, to be ten again!

The front of our property, or our former property!

The front of our property, or our former property!

Anyway, off to the next adventure! I’m so happy that we’re moving to a real house, as opposed to our modular home. It will be so nice to finally use the Hubby’s fabulous painting skills to paint our new place. I can’t wait to pick colours, new furniture and we are re-doing the kitchen as it hasn’t been done since the house was built in 1991.(That’ll be a good for a couple of blog posts, I’m sure!)

I have found that sometimes we have to adjust our dreams. “The Plan” was always to buy property, and build our own house. Sadly, after almost exactly 10 years and still no way to do that economically, and without losing all the equity we built up over that time, we are moving on. And I have to say, when we finally pack up the last thing, lock the doors and give our keys to the real estate agent, there will be tears. All the memories, all the unfinished plans, it is a sad ending. But, there is a new and happy beginning to look forward to. And I’m ready…I’m really ready.

The new house.

The new house.


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