The View from Here

So, my show opens next Friday. Here’s my artist’s statement.

The View from Here

In this new collection of paintings, I decided to share a bit of my process. I compose my paintings mostly from photos that I take in various places around the Yukon. I say mostly because I try to attend the Plein Air Festival every year to challenge myself to make something directly from life. I have to create my paintings in blocks of time around my family and other commitments and I don’t always have the opportunity to paint en plein air, so photographs play a large part in my work.

I don’t consider my paintings realistic representations. My use of bright colours and imaginative shapes makes my work more fantastical than the subjects are in real life. But I do use references, and I wanted to share the similarities and differences between what I see and what happens when I turn that image into a painting.

In this series, I selected photos that spoke to me, made small studies of each photo and then created large scale versions of the studies. I like what happened during the process and the contrast between photo, study and final large painting. It made me more aware of how I work as an artist and how I connect with the Yukon landscape in my own way.

My art show invite.

My art show invite.

I’m really excited to share what I’ve been working on, or am still working on, I should say. I still have one 4ftx4ft painting I’m still finishing off. No pressure or anything! I don’t think I’ve struggled this much with a painting before. I’ve been stuck before, of course. I think that happens with all artists/creators. But this last painting is really sucking the life out of me. I don’t like it at all and I get the distinct feeling it doesn’t like me either. You may be thinking that an artist doesn’t make for themselves anyway, but I get very attached to all my paintings. I get the idea that the process of creating a new work of art is the journey and the final product is to be sent out into the world, to hopefully find a home where it belongs, with someone who loves it. With this last painting, I definitely feel like I must be making it for someone else, a feeling I don’t usually get until I’m done. It’s weird. I don’t know what to do about it. I am going to take hubby’s advice and just keep throwing paint at it and see what happens. Maybe in the end it will be my favourite. If you come to the show, I challenge you to try to guess which one it is! Hope to see some of you readers there!


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