I missed it…

I wanted to share the Yukon autumn with you all. If you’ve been reading, you know I’ve been busy and had some life changing events going on, so I missed it. When I wrote about Yukon spring and Summer Solstice this year, I had this plan to share with what it’s like here at all times of the year. I know that living here is incredibly different than many other places, and I really am very¬†proud and grateful that I get to live here. And so happy I can share that with others, meaning you! I’m very¬†sorry I let you down, but we are going to fast forward to winter in the Yukon.


Now, many people think it’s winter here all the time, which is totally not true. I’ve shown you lots of pics of summer here, and I do think summers here are better than further south, mostly because of the longer days. It is, however, winter for a pretty significant part of the year and for some of that time, it’s dark too. We usually get snow before Halloween until sometime around the end of March, with leaves showing up late April. That means that, on average, we get about seven months with snow on the ground here. I think the only month on record where there hasn’t been snow in Whitehorse is July. The year we moved here when I was a kid, 1982, it snowed in August. This is not a place for people who don’t like snow, cold and dark.


But it is beautiful. This year, so far, it has been unseasonably warm, which you can blame either on El Nino or on climate change. Both probably apply. Right now it is slushy and gross, more like Ontario than Yukon weather, but I know that real winter will be here before long. We’ll be back to -20 or -30 in no time, I’m sure. And¬†I hope you like looking at snow, because there will probably be a lot more coming to this blog!



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