The Kitchen Reno

So, we’re on to the next part of our big house reno, and that would be the kitchen. One of the deals I made with Hubby about buying this particular house, was the shitty kitchen had to go. Now, I hate to use such strong language, but by shitty I mean this kitchen was really shitty. I think what I’ll do is show you the progress in a couple of posts, as this thing seems to be happening in stages. And as I keep telling hubby, I’m so glad we never ended up building a whole house on our old property! This kitchen thing totally has it out of my system.

And one more thing, I have to have a disclaimer on these posts.¬†Renovation is, to put it mildly, unsettling, and¬†I really hate to talk about how hard this is on us, especially since basically this is a first world problem. I can’t express how grateful I am to even have a kitchen, let alone enough money to be able to make it my own. So please, don’t think I’m bitchin’, I’m just sharing the journey! And I love reno stories, and¬†hopefully, if you’re reading this, so do you!

Anyway, the deal was a new kitchen, which we budgeted for and we ordered the cupboards pretty much right after we moved in. It took almost two months for the cupboards to get here, so we have been living in a sort of limbo. I haven’t unpacked most of my kitchen stuff, knowing I would just have to pack it all up again.

Our old kitchen had cupboards that every frugal contractor from the ’90’s purchased to finish their houses. You may know them; white laminate on the top with wooden trim along the bottom, made out of press board.


See my shitty kitchen? Good bones, though.



We tried to save some of the cupboards for Hubby’s shop, but they pretty much fell apart.



Tell me how you really feel.

After everything was torn out, hubby primed the place where the new cupboards were going. Even blank walls with a fresh coat of paint looks better than the old kitchen, don’t you think?




Apparently, you start in the corner. Good thing I’m not in charge!




So anyway, one thing I really wanted, since I have such a spectacular painter husband, was some large stripes on one wall. I love stripes, and because there is nothing going on this wall, cupboard-wise, I thought it would be interesting.

Tell me what you think!


Before stripes.


Filling holes, lot of holes.


We used a laser level to get really straight stripes. Lookin’ good!


Can’t wait to rip off the tape!!!




I have to tell you, this is just a tease. Now that you’re hooked, as I’m sure you are, you are going to have to wait for the final reveal. I know, what a jerk, right? To be honest, even I haven’t seen the final reveal. I’m still living in the middle of all this! Oh, Property Brothers, where are you when I need you? So when you see it, know this; I only saw it very briefly before I shared with you. That’s how much you mean to me!


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