My Art for You

So, I was thinking about the “art” part of my blog and realized that I haven’t posted too much of my own art here. I am not a super prolific creator. Life is a crazy thing! Kids, work, the house, all these things get in the way. No, that’s not it. Not in the way, but those things, the things that make up my life, inspire me and motivate me to try to create more! Unfortunately, the clock hinders me. There are really only so many hours in the day.

I probably make two or three big pieces a year, along with a smattering of smaller works. This year was a real challenge because my solo show deadline lit a fire under me to complete four really large works, the biggest I’ve made so far, and also smaller works to accompany them. I proved to myself that if I really push, I can do it. Of course, it’s not just me. It’s Hubby too. Without support, I could never accomplish what I’ve done so far. It’s also a big help that the kids are getting older. They don’t need the full time attention like when they were small. I love that and it makes me sad at the same time. Oh the dichotomy of parenthood!

So, here’s some of my past work. Some I’ve sold, some I’ve kept, but I’m proud of all these works. I save some crappy stuff I’ve done too, just so I can see how far I’ve come, but I would never post pics on the blog! I’m not ready for that yet!

Anyway, enjoy the show! Let me know what you think in the comments!


This was the under painting for “Reflections”.


“Reflections”, acrylic on canvas, 36″x 24″, Sold

View from the George Black Ferry 1

“View from the George Black Ferry”, acrylic on linen, 16″x 24″, Sold


I did a series of flowers in watercolour. I love tattoos, so that was my inspiration for these. “Rose”, watercolour on paper, 7.5″x 5.25″, Personal Collection


“Water Lily”, watercolour on paper, 7.5″x 5.25″, Personal Collection


“Arctic Poppies”, watercolour on paper, 7.5″x 3.5″, Gift


“Sunflowers”, watercolour on paper, 7.5″x 5.25″, Personal Collection


In process, “Behind the Sunflowers”


“Behind the Sunflowers”, acrylic on canvas, 16″x 24″, Sold


“Tombstone Rainbow”, acrylic on canvas, 16″x 24″, Sold


“Big Sky Country”, acrylic on wooden panel, 48″x 48″, Sold

phone book painting

This painting was on the 2001/2012 Northwestel Yukon Phone Directory. It was the first thing I sold and it totally made me famous. Just kidding. I’m only sort of famous!


I just realized as I was posting these that I have actually sold a bunch of paintings. It makes me feel good and that perhaps I’m on the right track with this dream of mine. I know I shouldn’t validate my art by how many pieces I’ve sold. But it does feel nice when it happens! And knowing that someone out there feels like one of my works needs to be a part of their lives, it’s unfathomable. And I don’t think that feeling will ever get old.





2 thoughts on “My Art for You

  1. Gorgeous work Erin! You should consider selling some small prints of these online for those of us who can’t buy the paintings (too bad we live so far away!!) but would love to buy a print and have it sent via mail.


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