So, I could tell you about how when I started this blog, I made a promise that I was going to write once a week. I could also tell you about how busy I am and how life just gets in the way sometimes, despite my good intentions. And I could even tell you that I’m a mother of two who works full time and is also putting herself through art school, during which time is also building some sort of name for herself in the art world, whatever that means. I could tell you all these things, and really they would all be the same thing. Excuses.

It’s true. I have been really trying to keep up with my once a week quota, and it’s just not working out! I realized today that its been almost a month since my last post and I think that is just unacceptable, you know. So for the tens of my fans out there, I’m recommitting myself to trying harder. I figure if I post it out there to you all, I’ll be held accountable, you know?

So there it is. Forgive my absenteeism. I’ll try to be more consistent, even if I’m just sharing my most recent knitting catastrophe! Talk to you all soon. And to tide you over until next time, here’s some stuff I’ve been working on.




Art homework.


Rainbow socks.


Slacking on the deck.


More art homework.


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