All the things I’m not knitting…

Summer is a busy time. That’s true everywhere I’m sure. But the kids are back to school on Monday and there is a certain smell in the air. Not quite fall yet, but enough to make me start thinking about what I’m not knitting right now. Let me share with you all the progress I haven’t been making on my current knitting projects! 

Ah, my sweater. It’s Kate Davies ‘Owligan’ and I think I’ve been working on this now for over a year. I’m stuck. I just can’t figure out how to join the sleeves to the body. I need to get some help on that. 

These are Tin Can Knits ‘Rocky Joggers’ from their recent baby patterns. For a baby who is almost too big for them. Sigh. 

You may remember these rainbow socks from the spring. I’ve been poking away at them, but alas, not done yet!

Another TCK pattern. Barley! For a person who did me a big favour. Haven’t even started.

And last, but not least, this lovely ball of yarn that I bought for no reason in particular. I just really like the colours! I’m such a sucker for pretty yarn! 

So I guess the point of this post is to just make all of you feel better about your projects. I’m sure you have something or other that’s not done, but I’m sure I’ve got most of you beat. I’m not going to the knitting store for a while. I can’t be tempted anymore. At least not until I finish something. 


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