Meet the New You, Same as the Old You…

I have a generally loathing attitude towards January. It’s super long, like the longest month of the year and it’s cold and dark, especially here in the Yukon. I’m also kinda bummed out after Christmas. I’m pretty sure that’s normal, although for many years, I thought I was alone. And on top of all that, if it all isn’t enough to make January completely unbearable, I’m continually bombarded by articles and ads encouraging me to become a “new” me.

Sigh. I get it. I’m imperfect. I’m flabby. I’m not enlightened enough. I’m not a good friend. I’m not a good parent. I’m not taking enough time for self care, whatever that is. You name it and I should be working on it…in January. I don’t know why society has jumped on this particular time of year to bombard a person with all this. Like we aren’t vulnerable enough, sobbing softly in the cold dark. When maybe we should just be kind to ourselves, fill ourselves with hot stews, work on our knitting, and try to get through this dark time. Or maybe I just answered my own question. We are vulnerable enough to listen to that incessant nagging to improve, and do it quick, dammit! Your whole new life awaits you once you start this new diet, regime, exercise program, religion, fill in the blank. Fill that gaping hole in your heart or head with something! Buy now!

This January, I’ve decided to give myself a break. Yes, I’m sure I overindulged over the holidays and should get on that wagon, whichever one applies. But this year I think I kind of gave up. Not in the normal sense of giving up, but in the sense that maybe, just maybe, I’m fine, just the way I am. Maybe, just maybe, you can’t change in a month, or a year. Maybe it’s a lifelong thing. Maybe that’s the journey. To work on bettering ourselves all year. I like that thought a lot better. It takes a bit of the pressure off, you know. If we look at ourselves as constantly being a work in progress, well, I guess we’ll all get there eventually, right?

So I didn’t give myself any resolutions for the New Year. I’m just going to keep working on the resolutions I give myself every year. Try harder, be nicer, eat better, walk more, love more, be in the moment more. Maybe blog more! I think those are good all year long. So pass it along, dear readers. And take it easy on yourself too. We’ll all get there.


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