Day 30 – 30 Houses in 30 Days


Valleyview Drive #2, ink on watercolour paper, 2017.

Here is my last house for this project. It’s located in Valleyview again, another unique older house. I like this house for it’s barn shape and it’s big windows. I can’t believe I’m done!

I just wanted to leave you with a note of thanks and what I’ve learned over the course of this self inflicted project. Not only did I finish all my houses, which I’m totally proud of, but I come away from this with 30 images of historic and interesting Whitehorse houses that may or may not be around in years to come. As Whitehorse changes, as all things do, I’m glad I caught this little portrait in time.

This project has taught me some important lessons, too. I have learned that I like working with a deadline. I like giving myself a goal and I think I have been pretty consistent on keeping up with this whole thing. I learned that I like architecture, but I miss colour. So now I am looking forward to painting and/or colouring all of these houses and in the future, I see a show somewhere. I’ll keep you posted.

I also learned that perhaps this would have been a better project in the early spring or late fall, when all the leaves are gone. There were some houses I wanted to draw but I just couldn’t get a good picture with all the lush foliage! I learned, too, that maybe I shouldn’t draw so close to the edge of my paper. You never know when something is going to get cut off when you scan it. I know that must be a metaphor for something bigger, but I’ll have to get back to you on that.

And the biggest lesson that I learned, is that my family is super patient and understanding, and I don’t always give them credit for that. My kids are 12 and 7, and I know that they are at an age where they don’t need constant attention anymore, but I overheard them a few times whispering to each other, “Let’s wait, Mom’s still drawing.” I am super grateful too for my hubby who picked up the slack, as usual. As an artist, there are those moments when you are on a roll, and it’s nice when someone says to you, “I got dinner, you keep working.” That saved me a couple of times, let me tell you!

Finally, thank you so much to all the people who came here and followed along this journey. Rachel at CBC Yukon was great about doing an article and interview with me, and I am so grateful for the exposure. It can get quite discouraging for an artist to keep making art and putting it out into the vacuum of space, or the internet in this case! So thanks to everyone, and please check in once in a while. Not anytime soon, though; I’m taking a break!

So there it is. I think I will do this again sometime. I liked the challenge and I liked that it kind of forced me to keep going, even when I wanted to give up, especially the last couple of days. I will be turning all these images into a colouring book, hopefully by fall, but I’ll let you know.
















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