New Year, blah, blah

So, New Year’s is not really my thing. I’ve posted the last couple of years about my feelings around this holiday. I really believe you should be working on whatever it is you want to change about yourself all year, not just for a month at the beginning of the year. But whatever works for you. I, myself, have a really hard time getting through January as it is without putting extra, undue pressure on myself to lose ten pounds, excercise more or make myself a better whatever. It’s cold and dark, especially here in the Yukon, and I take the gentler approach of eating comfort food, drinking tea and just being kind to myself to get through it. I think in the Nordic countries in Europe, they call it hygge. I bought this book for myself to read this winter and it’s all about that idea of coziness. I’m so into that!

One thing I am really looking forward to this month, for a change, is an art festival I’m participating in. Dawson (s)Hiver is an art festival in Dawson City that takes place the last weekend in January. As their website says, it’s “three days of dance, art, workshops, artist talks, music, and walking around in the cold.” I’m stoked! I’m participating as an artist and also I’m giving a little workshop.

My art pieces will be based on some houses that I’ll select to be drawn when I get to Dawson. I’m hoping to complete two drawings, paint them and then have those paintings projected onto the houses themselves. Very meta if I say so myself, ha! Hopefully I’ll be able to draw the houses outside, but I think, if I’m being realistic, I’ll probably draw and paint them from pictures whilst sipping tea somewhere cozy, see first paragraph!

I’m also giving my very first workshop ever. I’m going to be teaching, (and I use that term very loosely!), a kind of crash course in colour theory and how to apply it to colouring projects. You know how much I love to colour! And after learning so much last year from my course, I’m going to share a little bit with others. Fun! Wish me luck!

And in the meantime, I’m plugging away at a bunch of different things. I’m trying my hand at lettering, something I was really into when I was a teenager. So that’s been fun! Experimenting, and failing, with different kinds of art materials has been going on, (I’m looking at you, Yupo paper!!). I guess my art goals this year, not resolutions, are to keep trying new things, saying yes to every opportunity that comes my way, and just keep making art, everyday. I’m going to try to set myself another challenge this year, like the 30 Houses one I did last summer. Not sure about what yet, but I’ll keep you posted! I think they are virtuous goals, and hopefully achievable! I’m looking forward to 2018! I’m just doing it low key and in my own, cozy way!

I leave you with this horrible colouring experiment gone wrong. This is R2D2, Copic markers on Yupo paper. I don’t really blame the materials, I blame the user!



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