Colouring My 30 Houses

So, I have a show coming up in October at the Community Gallery at the Yukon Arts Centre. Remember those houses I drew last summer? Well, I’m in the process of colouring and painting them for this show! I thought I’d share some that I’m working on. Call it a sneak peek!

I drew my houses in a Moleskine watercolour book, so to colour and paint them, I had to take the book apart. Houses all over my desk!

Colouring this one with markers. I’ll add painted details to the background.

My Takhini duplexes also getting some colour with markers.

I really want each house to have its own voice and unique colour palette. So I made these little coloured squares to help me out!

I really like this colour combination for the CPAWS house!

And these colours look awesome for this house on Koidern Avenue in Riverdale.

I’m not sure yet if I’ve gone too crazy with this pink house, but we’ll see!

Anyway, I realize October is pretty far away, but I do have 30 of these houses to paint! If you’d like to see more progress pics, I’m posting more on Instagram these days, @erindixonarts. Hope to see you there!


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