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So I was commissioned by the Yukon Government to create a piece of art for the new Whistle Bend Care Facility here in Whitehorse this winter. It was an honour to be selected and I was excited, too, that my art would be in a place where it could make people happy! I was asked to create art that was inspired by nature, and would also help with “wayfinding” for some of the residents at Whistle Bend who had dementia issues. Wayfinding is a tool used by care facilities to help clients know where they are in their buildings. So many facilities are made to look more like hospitals and so everything looks the same. By adding my art to one of the walls in the building, residents would know where they were! So I made something large, colourful and easy to identify! This is the largest piece of work I have done, to date, at 96″x48″. I wanted to really fill the space where it would hang so I went super big! Unfortunately, since the Covid-19 thing has been going on, I have not been able to go and see the work framed and installed right now. However, I know that one day I will see it again, perhaps when I’m a resident myself!

So here is a huge bunch of process photos for you. I started this in early December 2019 and it was completed January 31, 2020. I was hoping to get a better pic of it finished and hanging, but I’m working with what I got! Enjoy!


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