Dawson and Tombstone

Well, I’d have to say it was a successful family trip again this year. No major injuries and fabulous weather; what more can you ask for, right? It was nice to get home though. And I think after ten days of camping, I’m good for the season! I’ve had enough to last through the winter, I hope!

So, here’s some photos for you. I think I’ll let them do the talking. 

Start of the Dempster Highway. Didn’t make it to the Arctic Circle this year though. Next year!

Into the mountains.

At the top of Goldensides.

Hiking up the trail.

Our campsite in Tombstone.

Made it!!

My favourite house in Dawson. I think I’ll have to draw it at some point.

The beach at the Steamboat Graveyard.

Steamboat Graveyard.

At the Dome. This mountain looks over the whole Dawson City area. It was raining but still cool.

My favourite garden in Dawson! With all the daylight in the summer, the growing season is epic.

The one and only sketch I finished on our trip.