Happy New Year!

Hello, all! I know that I’ve been gone for a while, and really I have no good excuse, except it was Christmas and that is always time consuming! And finishing up the renos has taken up time too. So sorry to anyone reading out there, hoping for reno updates, knitting pics and the like, it’s coming!

But first, I wanted to acknowledge the new year. I don’t usually do resolutions. I find if I make them and then don’t follow through, they just make me feel bad about myself, which I’m certain is not the point.

For 2016, instead of resolutions, I’ve decided to make slight changes to my life. Since 2015 was kind of a whirlwind of chaos with selling a house and moving from the bush into town, I want to do some things this year that will slow things down, not just for me, but my family too. So, here goes!

Spend more time listening, instead of just waiting for my turn to talk. I’m guilty of this on a regular basis, not just with Hubby and the kids, but also friends and other family members. I have to remember that my two cents are not always needed, just my ears.

Spend more time making things, especially with the kids. I love to make things, love knitting and painting, of course! But I have a terrible habit of not including the kids. I have an aversion to mess, and of course they’re going to make a mess! I have to learn to let that go.

Be more grateful. I try to be grateful, and most days I think I am. But there are days when it just all seems to be too much. I hate the thought of taking life for granted, but there are times when it all seems like we’re just marking time, you know?

Go camping more! Last year, the only real camping trip we made was when we went to Skagway and Haines. I mean, we went for five days and it was really fun, but with all the moving and chaos, it’s the only time we went. Every summer I say, we’re camping every weekend this year, and then we don’t because it’s a lot of work. That said, I think we can definitely do it more than once this year.

Get in better shape. Now, this is the one resolution that made me start my no resolution list in the first place! But, being in shape and losing weight are two different things. I want to be able to climb more mountains and keep up with the kids, and if I lose weight in the process, well that’s okay. But it won’t be my end goal. I would like my end goal to be something like becoming a Roller Girl or perhaps climbing the Chilkoot!

Spend more time with good friends. Now that we live in town, having more friends over and doing more things together should be easier. I’ve already noticed it over the holidays, and we had way more dates and visits than we ever had out of town. It looks like it’s one more pro to moving into town, on a list that really had a lot a pros in the first place. I want to keep it up!

Well, I guess that’s it. Here’s to 2016! I have a good feeling about it. I feel like 2015 was a bit of a slog and hard to get through, but some amazing things and big changes happened. There were also some losses, and it’s been really hard without one of my best friends, but all in all we made it through. We are happy and healthy and definitely grateful. I hope the new year brings everyone out there happiness too!


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